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Buy your Smith Machine: Guide to choose the best one

Multipower equipment or Smith machines are a must for anyone who works their muscles regularly. They should never be missing in a gym, weight room or a good athlete's home.

At Gymcompany, we have a wide range of Multipower machines and Smith machines. They are available in different brands, sizes and with more or less functions. The aim is to be able to adapt to the tastes and needs of each athlete, always ensuring that the quality is optimal and the price is in line with this quality.

We’ve created a guide to find out which is the best Smith Machine for your home gym.

Buy the Smith Machine for your home gym at GymCompany

What is a Multipower or Smith Machine for?

A smith machine multi gym is a machine designed for weight training that stands out due to the fact that it allows you to work the large muscle groups and, in fact, almost the entire body. It allows the athlete to perform, above all, squats, bench presses and military presses, so that your output gives high-performance results.

When you do barbell weights, you need support for the exercise to be optimal. There are some things that cannot be done with a free barbell without the addition of a Smith machine, such as a simple barbell drop. The support of this addition, ideal to have at home, allows exercises to be performed in such a way that the athlete can go for more weight without fear of not knowing how to release the bar later.

Those who do strength training know that their best option for a machine is a Smith Machine one, specially for smith machine squats.

What features should a Smith Machine have?

When you go to buy one of these essential pieces of equipment for strength training, there is a wide range of options. And you should take into account these features so that the Smith or Multipower machine adapts to you and the space you have available in your home:
  • Quality material to support the weight of the bars. At GymCompany, the entire range of Smith machines meets this requirement.
  • Stable base with protectors to avoid damaging the floor of your home and to prevent the Smith Machine multi gym from shifting under the weight.
  • Reinforcements at various heights to have a place to put the barbell regardless of the exercise that the athlete performs.
  • Extra accessories: this can include a weight bench, pulleys for other exercises or even come with a disc holder.

What exercises can be done on a Smith machine?

  • Weighted squat. It allows a completely vertical movement following the axis of movement of the Smith machine. And the athlete has, in addition, the option of stopping, having a place where the bar can be easily stopped and rested with this machine. If at any moment they are forcing their body too much, this will help to avoid possible injuries.
  • Seated military press. A bench with an inclined backrest is added to the Multipower machine in order to perform weights in such a way that the athlete has the support of the stops offered by the machine to easily drop the bar at any time.
  • Bench press. The bench is attached to the Smith machine in a fully reclined position. It’s a great ally to exercise pectorals, biceps and triceps in a very efficient way.

Compared to training with free weights, these Smith Machines are ideal to have at home, and they help to avoid injuries that can arise when an athlete is holding a heavy weight and cannot find an easy place to put the barbell. In addition, this support gives freedom to perform many more movements and activities.