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We are experts in commercial heavy duty fitness equipment, endorsed by years of experience on the design and assembly of professional gyms, wellness centers, hotels and spa`s. This experience is backed by the satisfaction of every single customer advised by FitnessInn, the official supplier of the best professional fitness brands like Life Fitness, Body Solid, Matrix, Precor, Spirit fitness and many others.
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We have some proposals for you
We have some proposals for you
Gym proposals according to your available space, Budget and expectations.
Here you will be able to see the square meters of each gym package, an estimate of leasing costs and the respective machines. You can also access the different links and see the different Commercial Gyms sizes and user capacity.
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2D plans of your gym
Are you thinking of setting up a new gym? Creating a fitness space in your office, wellness center, club or spa?
Or perhaps you just want to renovate your current gym? An effective available space planning is essential for the assembly of any gym. Our advisers and designers will prepare a custom made plan directly with your architect or decorator, keeping in mind users safety, space capacity and limitations.
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Picture your space
If 2D plans aren’t enough, Fitness Inn offers you the possibility of using our 3D simulator in order to reproduce how would your gym look like. Besides, if you want to design your personal space, check our fitness space planning and designing tool with the most popular fitness models and brands, in order to determine quickly how many machines you will need.
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Purchase your new gym without unexpected investments or the necessity of making a big payment.
Gymcompany offers the opportunity to rent fitness machines trough a commercial contract in order to purchase gym equipment during a determinate period of time, being able to change or substitute the machines at any moment.
By doing it, you will be able to enjoy the highest quality in fitness and cardio for commercial gyms, without unexpected investments or the necessity of making a big payment.
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If you have any doubt, call us and we will advise you during all the purchase process. We guarantee you the best price, refunds without costs, safe payment methods and a long-lasting relation to ensure you receive the highest level of service.

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