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Looking for a treadmill? You are on the right track. In Gym Equipment Superstore we definitely have what you are looking for.

Consider browsing through our folding treadmill models if you are short on space or just the pragmatic type. Heavy users go straight to our non folding treadmill selection to find professional models. Office treadmills are great for those that want to want to get in shape while working or reading. And if you are simply lost just begin by reading our Treadmill Buyer’s Guide or check out or Top 10 sellers.

The right treadmill will help you improve your cardiovascular health, is easier on the joints than running outside, tones your muscles, adapts workout phases, helps you burn calories, and much more. Let us help you find the right treadmill fit for you. After all, we are gym equipment professionals.

Do you want to buy a treadmill? At Gymcompany, we have something that makes us different: our experience. More than 100 models of treadmills from the best brands: Life Fitness, BH Fitness, NordicTrack and up to 20 other brands.

Buying treadmills: 2021 guide

Treadmills are one of the most popular and widely used fitness machines on the market. This type of product is very easy to use and can be an excellent starting point for any fitness workout plan.

With a treadmill, any user can perform a complete cardio workout to achieve their goals. The purchase of this type of equipment not only improves your health, but also your mood and physical condition.

At GymCompany, we offer you a catalogue of treadmills with more than 150 models for home and/or semi-commercial use. Before making your purchase, we invite you to dive into our guide where you will find very useful information. You will also find answers to common questions such as "which treadmill to choose", "which treadmill to buy for home use" and many more.

Then you can browse our catalogue and choose, without any doubt, a treadmill from some of the best brands and models in the Spanish and world market. Life Fitness, BH, Reebok, NordicTrack, Pro-Form or Horizon Fitness are just some of the models available.

Which treadmill should I buy?

If you want to know which treadmill to buy, there are several aspects to take into account. In this buying guide we present them all to you so that you can choose the treadmill that best suits your needs in an easy and simple way.

These are the points you should take into account when buying your treadmill:

  • Use (intensive or casual)
  • Maximum user weight
  • Treadmill motor
  • Maximum speed
  • Cushioning
  • Grade of incline
  • Brand

1.1 Use

Don't forget that the frequency of use and the intensity of your workouts are key points to take into account before buying your treadmill.

Depending on these two aspects, you will know whether one treadmill model or another is more suitable for you.

1.2 Weight of the users

Treadmills, like almost all cardio machines, have some limitations for users. As far as weight is concerned, it is essential to be clear about its importance before you start looking. The cheapest models, for example, tend to be the most limited in this respect.

This, of course, is not always a joy for many users, but sometimes it is preferable to consider the purchase in a different way. Remember that it is not only an economic investment, it is an investment in health and quality of life.

What should you consider when choosing the best treadmill for you?

2.1 The treadmill motor

The motor of your treadmill is what powers the machine itself. This factor is measured in horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP). In fact, the latter is the more useful of the two as it tells us how much power the treadmill can maintain continuously, not just at its maximum range. To give you an idea, the vast majority of treadmills for home use are between 2.25 and 4.25 CHP.

How do I know how much power I need?

Well, the answer to this question is somewhat objective and relative. The power you need will depend on the exercise you intend to do and your body weight. As an example, here is a guide to CHPs for people weighing up to 14 stone:

  • Walking: 2.0 CHP or more.
  • Jogging: 2.5 CHP or more.
  • Running: 3.0 CHP or more.

If you weigh more than 90 kg, you should add an extra 0.5 CHP. However, you should bear in mind that a motor that works at full capacity very consistently has a shorter life span.

2.2 The speed of the treadmill

This point is broader and similar for the vast majority of users. In fact, treadmills up to 16 km/h (10 mph) are more than sufficient for almost anyone.

However, more experienced users will need a higher speed. These may include those who are more demanding in their training or those who simply want to prepare for a particular event (a marathon, for example).

2.3 Cushioning

Good cushioning is a crucial point to consider when buying a treadmill. The higher the degree of cushioning, the more the machine model will respect your body and, in particular, your joints.

Think of the difference between running and walking on asphalt or on the sand at the beach. There's a big difference, isn't there? It's exactly the same with treadmills.

The treadmill surface itself reduces the impact by 15 to 40 percent compared to asphalt. However, there are different degrees depending on the model and the material it is made of.

This should not only be important for runners and joggers, but for all users, as it reduces the risk of injury and increases stamina. Some treadmills even have differential cushioning, which offers more firmness when pushing off and more cushioning when going down again.

2.4 Foldable or non-foldable treadmill

The folding treadmill has become, in recent times, the most purchased and recommended by users. For this reason, most brands offer models of different prices and types.

These treadmills allow you to fold them after each training session. This saves space. For this reason, users looking for a treadmill for their home usually opt for this option, as it is more practical. Most of them also have a support system so that folding does not pose any problem or overexertion.

2.5 Desired features of a treadmill

Most treadmills have special features. The details and features of the belt can greatly enhance your experience. And this will translate into more use of the machine.

For example, there are exercise programmes included, iPod compatible speakers, web browsers and even televisions. You should consider which ones will help you achieve your goals and which ones will end up collecting dust.

Here are three of the most practical "extras":

  1. Automatic incline
    1. Most treadmills offer exercise programmes that control your speed and incline. On some, these are scarce, on others they are plentiful. Keep in mind that these programmes tend to increase exponentially the price of the treadmill, so check if you are really going to use them.
  2. Programmed routines
    1. Treadmills that allow you to use an incline make the exercise more enjoyable as you can change your routines. In addition to all the effective benefits: they make the exercise less jarring on your joints, burn more calories and increase your muscle definition.
  3. Heart rate monitoring systems
    1. These can help you work out more efficiently. Especially if they have heart rate monitoring, which will help you to adjust your workouts to your most strenuous level.

Choosing brands

When buying a treadmill, the most important thing is that it is a durable fitness machine that meets all the demands and challenges you set for yourself. At GymCompany we offer you models from the most renowned national and international manufacturers. Are you looking for an economical treadmill, a treadmill for daily use, a high-end treadmill? Each manufacturer specialises in a specific type of machine to make your experience on it as effective as possible. These are the most important brands on the market, take a look at their catalogues to find your perfect treadmill:

Brand Price Range Intensity of use

£282 - £778

Low - Medium
Matrix Fitness £3.038 - £7.294

High - Professional

BH Fitness £520 - £6.075 Medium - High
Proform £389 - £1.736 Low - High
Horizon Fitness £777£ - £2.167 Medium - High
NordicTrack £633 - £3.474 Medium - Professional
Sole Fitness £1.211 - £2.515 High - Professional
Reebok £475 - £1.563 Low - Medium
LifeSpan £1.037 - £3.035 Medium - High
Life Fitness £1.733 - £10.424 High - Professional
Kettler £773 - £2.377 Medium - High
Star Trac £1.907 - £8.512 Professional
Bodytone £390 - £5.645 Low - High
FreeMotion £1.038 - £13.726 High - Professional

Extra technical features of the treadmill

You should consider which of the extra features will be useful to you. In addition to all the ones we have already mentioned, you can find the following:

  • Information screens
    • From calories expended to miles travelled, these are useful for checking your progress.
  • Recovery programmes
    • Some running machines include recovery programmes to gradually bring your pulse rate back to normal after exercise.
  • Stability
    • It is a good idea to test the machine before you buy it to ensure its stability. One of our sales representatives will advise you at all times.
  • Wide support panels
    • Crucial for positioning your feet before using the treadmill. They should be wide enough to keep you comfortable.
  • Pulse sensors
    • Some treadmills include them so you can better monitor your progress.
  • Safety key
    • We recommend that you look for a treadmill with a safety key. This way, if you suddenly fall off, the machine will stop instantly.