Bodytone DS25 Indoor Bike


Inspired by the movement of road cycling, the DS25 is a high-performance indoor bike for any athlete and a stimulating power trainer for all types of athletes.

With more accurate performance data than any other indoor bike, the DS25 provides exceptional results for people working with cycle-specific training, high-intensity interval training and endurance training.



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Bodytone DS25 Indoor Bike

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Before: £695.00 Discount: -£200.00 £495.00



It offers a set of unique features 


 its splash-proof frame coating that protects it from moisture damage, its POLY-V® belt drive system that through the 6 ribbed Poly-V belts with Kevlar cords has been designed to deliver an incredibly smooth and fluid ride with an extremely realistic feel.


The Kevlar cords are stronger and last longer than the materials traditionally used in belt drive systems, resulting in a virtually maintenance-free product, which does not need to be tensioned or lubricated.




  • FLYWHEEL: Flywheel of approx. 18 kg


  • BACKING AND SUPPORTS: Mobile phone holder on the handlebar

  • SADDLE: Special gel saddle for cyclists

  • BEARINGS: High quality bearings in both connecting rods and flywheels to avoid maintenance costs

  • COMPOSITION:Top quality materials: CP-treated seatposts with anti-corrosion function


  • BRAKE: Magnetic brake

  • HANDLEBARS: Triathlon

  • HANDLEBAR ADJUSTMENTS: Millimetric height adjustment of the handlebars

  • SADDLE ADJUSTMENTS: Millimetric height and depth adjustment of the saddle

  • OTHERS: Maximum height between saddle and pedal in its highest position

  • RESISTANCE: Resistance adjustment with graduated adjustment knob

  • TRANSPORT: 2 front transport wheels for easy movement

  • DIMENSIONS: Dimensions assembled: 94x55x118cm

  • HOURS OF USE: Recommended hours of use: 10h/week


  • OTHERS: Pre-assembled machine

  • DESIGN PROCESS: Design based on an exhaustive biomechanical study done by UCAM on BODYTONE spinning bikes: it guarantees smooth, natural movements and helps prevent injuries.

  • SET-UP: 5 minutes


  • WARRANTY: Home




The Indoor Bike DS-25 is compatible with the sensor BTC2Track your running data on any treadmill and send it to any device (smartphone or tablet). The new Bodytone BTC2 Bike sensor enables you to track your speed and cadence data while training. Compatible with: MyConnect by Bodytone, Zwift®, Kinomap® via Bluetooth® wireless technology.


  • KINOMAP (2 months free)




With the Kinomap application you can explore known and unknown trails all over the world anytime, anywhere. Not only do you have the possibility to make your training more versatile and discover new places every day, but you really feel like you are inside the video.

The resistance and incline of the height profile of the video are transmitted directly to the exercise device. This makes the ride and the video much more realistic. In total, you can ride and explore more than 160,000 kilometres around the world.



Kinomap is known for being a powerful and active community. You can challenge other Kinomap users at any time to run or participate in other competitions.



Organise and plan events or tournaments with your circle of friends and reach your goals together! Compare your training data with thousands and thousands of other participants and let the motivation of this great community sweep you along.



  • Access to all cycling, running and rowing videos uploaded by the Kinomap community

  • 5 panels: video / map / elevation profile / description / full dashboard

  • Instantly monitor your power, speed, incline, distance and heart rate

  • Prepare from your computer a selection of videos from the Kinomap platform and find them in your favourites section in the App

  • Displays points of interest along the route

  • Airplay optimised: if you have Apple TV or an HDMI adapter, you can transfer the video, elevation profile and dashboard to your screen to maximise map space.

  • Keep track of your workout history to analyse your training progression

  • Share your results on Facebook, Training Peak or RunKeeper.


  • BKOOL (3 months free)



Choose the routes you want, from any continent. Cycle through the great natural parks of the United States or climb the most legendary mountain passes in the Alps and Pyrenees. And if you don't find the route you want... you can add it yourself!

All this while measuring your data: calories, kilometres, speed, power, etc. The BKOOL simulator has videos, workouts to improve our performance, velodrome experience and even weather simulation to toughen up your training.


This BKOOL simulator is a virtual reality in which your avatar - which you can also customise - is immersed in a scenario in which you coincide with other cyclists competing on the same route.


  • Training adapted to you: You ride thousands of kilometres a year... or you've just started cycling - it doesn't matter! BKOOL technology adapts to you, helping you improve no matter your level or the challenges you want to set yourself.

  • Create and share your segments and routes: Videotape, upload and share your own routes with a community open to live the BKOOL experience to the fullest. Don't imagine it. Create it. Live it. Be part of it.

  • Join the BKOOL community: The community of BKOOLers is waiting for you. To challenge you, to compete in their leagues, to share the ultimate cycling and fitness experience together. Want to share miles and peloton with cyclists from all over the world and even professionals? Join!

  • 100% compatible With your bike or trainer: The BKOOL experience is compatible with smart trainers from other brands. It's as easy as connecting and riding on our simulator... but with your smart trainer.



Zwift combines the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training and helps you get faster. Improve in Zwift's virtual worlds with a community that motivates you every minute. Choose group cycling routes, races and more. Your condition will improve and you'll get stronger.


  • Zwift is the closest thing to a real cycling videogame in which we ourselves are the protagonists.

  • An application created so that cycling is no longer boring and monotonous.

  • A tremendously elaborate tool that will allow us to get the most out of our cycling sessions.

  • It is an application that is totally independent from those offered by the roller brands and is compatible with the majority of interactive or Smart rollers on the market.


Zwift offers its "Workouts" programme for the most demanding cyclists looking to improve their performance. An activity option that allows us to design any route to our liking with the percentages, kilometres and gradient that best suits our daily needs.

This function will allow us to carry out high quality workouts and work on specific series in a much more comfortable way. For this reason, Zwift is the ideal option for all those cyclists who use and train with a potentiometer. The application itself also offers a weekly training program that will make us forget about deciding what we have to train every day. Zwift decides for us, becoming the closest thing to a personal trainer.


YOUR GOALS AT YOUR PACE: Get fit with over 1,000 structured workouts from top trainers.

10 WORLDS WITH OVER 130 ROUTES: Cross the desert. Conquer a volcano, escape to the New York of tomorrow.


  • Over 1,000 sessions and training plans. Choose what you need to achieve your goals.

  • Participate in group cycling or running outings, training sessions or races. Zwift offers more than 200 live events per day.

  • Immersive experiences. Cycle through the Alps or run through the English countryside.

  • Improve your performance with data. Monitor your progress and analyse your performance.

  • Highly compatible technology. The app is compatible with most rollers and devices (smart rollers, classic rollers, pedometers, etc.).





Gives you the opportunity to live a unique experience on Bodytone cardio equipment! This app gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of real-life scenarios while you train. You can walk through London, Paris, Sydney or the beaches of Australia while you practice your cardio sessions. It also saves your workout stats and automatically synchronises them in the cloud.


By installing the app on your mobile phone, you have an efficient way to record your workouts with Bodytone's home equipment, such as the Indoor Bodytone Indoor Cycle DS25  bike, at your fingertips. Thanks to a sensor specially designed and manufactured for Bodytone, you can view your distance or speed in real time during your workout.


  • CAPTURE Your workouts are sent via wifi through the Mybodytone app.

  • CHECK Check your workout history and stats from the app.

  • SYNC Your stats become part of the most important training apps.

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    Ordered in mid Jan 2021and after 16 days was contacted to say will be with ArrowXL courier next week. Delivered on day 22. Setup was simple, quality excellent. Totally silent operation, magnetic brake is infinitely adjustable. Seat is really comfy. No spd pedals so replaced them. Console is basic, but your buying the bike and its quality. Thanks GymEquipment.

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